Understanding Refinishing:

 First and foremost-Thank you for choosing DHI.  When looking at a quote, estimate, or proposed consideration for a refinishing job it can be  daunting or confusing. We pride ourselves in transparency, so unlike quotes in other labors refinishing tends to be the most testing and has a wider range.  The reasons for this are simple though   -There are more unforeseen problems than the pro can know (yes we can be pleasantly surprised)            

-We cannot be sure of the chemical composition             

-We do not know the amount of layers in the original application. Many finishes were applied by homeowners and DYI’s that may or may not have known              

-We know little about the wood.  We do not know where it came from. It may have been direct from a mill, a big box store, a local mom and pop hardwares store, or  could have been made right there in the back yard without being kiln dried in the garage. 

Like the finishes, the processes to the wood production can vary.      

We Can guess as to the number of refinishes and the coats that were applied, but it remains an assumption. Poly water or oil based has changed over time. It is a chemical composition with flatting agents that direct the outcome yet are easily influenced by the environment. The mix between coats, the humidity and the temperature can influence outcome  A proposed 4 hour polyurethane can take 16 hours to cure Polyurethane in an identical container with an identical label may actually differ from the one next to it being done in a different batch. We try to combat this by buying in bulk and separating the proposed batch.  

With that said , this is by no means an attempt to disclaim labor, nor is it an attempt to divert or discourage a customer in anyway. That would be silly. Being informed is a part of our job and informing the customer is equally important to us. Our number isn’t going anywhere and neither are we.

Feel free to call us at anytime with any questions or concerns and again we thank you for choosing DHI.

We do appreciate you!